The Python meal is both tasty and edible.

The Python meal is both tasty and edible.

by Yeyetunde at November 27, 2022

Video below.

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On the menu today is Phyton stew and phyton pepper soup.

The video shows how it is being cut, sliced, and cooked in Indonesian style.

According to records, Python snakes are edible, though they don’t have a particularly unique taste.

The meat is soft and contains high amounts of protein, and there are a number of different ways to prepare snake meat like python.

Usually, snake meat is generally prepared over an open fire, such as on a grill, or cooked in a traditional way, just as we do with other foods.

Some suggested that python meat should be cooked for at least three hours as you can see from the video below. So, today’s video demonstrated how Python can be prepared and served as a meal. Enjoy.

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Video Credit: Travel Thirsty. 

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