Why Yeyetunde.com

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As we considered the last pandemic and all that it has brought. We felt we could be part of the solution by creating an e-market place online that is accessible to all people, be it Americans, Europeans, Africans to mention a few and especially to the immigrant populations too who, by no fault of their own are restricted at home due to pandemic but needed to get essential things online like groceries, first aid and medicals, beauty and health supplies and so on to keep their life going.

And this is especially where yeyetunde.com comes in to provide everyday items to all people with ease of delivery and returns if need be.

Yes, we do! Our monthly catalog goes out at the end of each month to let you know what items we’ll be having for the preceding month and how to get them. You can get this catalogue by signing up with our newsletter or join our e-commerce club online where you can add your address to receive our physical catalogue copy or the online format.
It depends on where you are. Orders are processed immediately or as soon as you order them. It can take up to 5-7 business days to arrive based on your location. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.
We use UPS, USPS, Fedex and other available carriers to deliver your items.
Tracking codes will be provided automatically after we ship your order! If your order is around 500 pounds, we may use a different carrier and we will contact you to provide the details of the delivery and confirmation..
Yes, we do! All you need to do is provide us with your address and other relevant details and your items are shipped. We’ll also send you the confirmation number and the processing time your items will be delivered. We also ship large items to Nigeria in plastic barrels. In most cases it gets to Nigeria within 2 months if you send large items like clothing, such as lace, wax and other fabrics, and other nonperishable foods & items in cans such as Sardines, Peak milk, Tylenol, Ovaltine’s, Iyan Ado, Cocoa butter creams, Dettol’s and so on to elderly parents, friends, loved ones and so on.

Though we can’t come to your house, but on Yettys-de-foodie section, we have provided you with our catering menus and how to go about making you catering order for all occasions with ease of delivery. @ Yettys-de-foodie, we cater to your catering needs based on your menu order.
Please, scroll down on our page where such is available to sign up for our newsletter. Or you can simply email us to add you to our e-commerce club members list online.

Our customer service is available at yettys.biz@yeyetunde.com

& Our HR department at yettys.hr@yeyetunde.com

Your request will be responded to in the order it was received.

N.B. These are all the possible questions we’ve had. As you share more questions with us- this list will grow.

Thank you.

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