Law & Order: Alan Dershowitz Tells Fox News ‘There Is Enough Evidence Here to Indict Trump’

Law & Order: Alan Dershowitz Tells Fox News ‘There Is Enough Evidence Here to Indict Trump’

by Yeyetunde at August 27, 2022

Harvard Law School professor Allan Dershowitz said on Friday that the Department of Justice has enough evidence to indict Donald Trump, but he predicted the DOJ will decline to prosecute.

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Donald trump’s residence @ Mar-a-Lago

According to Dershowitz: “The other important thing is, there is enough evidence here to indict Trump. But Trump will not be indicted because in my view the evidence doesn’t pass what I call the Nixon-Clinton standards.”

The Nixon standard is the case has to be so overwhelmingly strong that even Republicans support it says Allan Dershowitz.

In case you missed it: The FBI found boxes with troves of government documents that Trump was supposed to give to the National Archives upon leaving office but refused to give out or deliver back when it was demanded. Some of the material is classified.

The search also came after attorneys for Trump told the DOJ there were no remaining official documents at Mar-a-Lago. That claim too, turned out to be false.

The FBI is still investigating the case at the Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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