In 2010, Alao Akala turned me into a millionaire, gave me N99 million. ~ Taye Currency

In 2010, Alao Akala turned me into a millionaire, gave me N99 million. ~ Taye Currency

by Yeyetunde at January 3, 2024

Nigerian News if you missed it.

In a shocking revelation, a Nigerian popular musician, namely Taye Currency, has openly revealed that one of the politicians in Nigeria gave him N99 million naira, which is about $130,000, as a surprise in 2010.

Taye Currency, who happens to be one of the popular musicians in Nigeria reiterated that the late politician, who was also an ex governor in Oyo State, was responsible for his millionaire status.

In his own words, Taye Currency stated;

 “I want to share a story of how my life was turned around for good and how I became what I am today. In 2010, I was invited, along with many others, to join the campaign trail for the late Governor Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala.

The show promoter in charge of paying me for singing during the campaign wouldn’t pay me on time. He would often delay my payment, sometimes by up to three days.

One fortunate day, I was in the late Governor Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala’s compound when Akala stepped out.

I started screaming and shouting that I hadn’t been paid for my show at the campaign and that I wouldn’t be returning to perform on stage anymore.

Akala asked me to approach him and demanded an explanation for my outburst. I told him I was owed N500,000 and had not been paid yet.

Governor Akala was surprised and then called on his First Lady, Mrs. Kemi Alao Akala, instructing her to be in charge of paying me whenever I performed on stage for the rest of the campaign.

Akala then instructed that 99 million be paid to me straight away. That was how I made it.

Just like that, I was shocked. After I settled everyone, I still had 60 million Naira left.”

Taye Currency, made this revelation while on the stage at Oshodi Day celebration in Lagos as he shed light on the pivotal moment in his life that led to his transformation from struggling artiste to a millionaire.

See the video below. 

Just a quick note here as of today, Taye currency is reportedly one of the Nigerian’s richest Fuji musicians, with a net worth of N85 million. 


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