I am done with being ridiculed for dating a black man. ~ Bill Gates Daughter – Phoebe. Photos & Video

I am done with being ridiculed for dating a black man. ~ Bill Gates Daughter – Phoebe. Photos & Video

by Yeyetunde at March 12, 2023

If you missed it. 

According to the latest news making the rounds.

Phoebe Gates, 20, has condemned a series of racist comments she received about her boyfriend, named Robert Ross.

She spoke about this and her popularity on TikTok during an interview with a media outlet.

Phoebe Gates, as you all know, is the daughter of Bill Gates. She is also a Stanford University student with more than 64,000 followers on TikTok, where she often posts videos featuring her famous parents and other social issues.

However, being the daughter of one of the richest men in the world has not shielded her from being attacked for dating a black man who also happens to be a Stanford University student.

According to Phoebe Gates. She is not happy about the misconceptions and conspiracy theories about her and her relationship with her boyfriend.

According to Ms. Gates, she said she and her boyfriend have been subjected to comments about their relationship since she introduced him to her social media world both on Instagram and on ticktock.

“It’s 2023. I’m done being memed for being in an interracial relationship,” she said.

During the interview, Gates, whose billionaire parents divorced in 2021 after 27 years of marriage, also revealed that she is aware most of her followers follow her because of her last name.

See photos and video below. What do you make of this sorry?

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