Do any poor people live in New York City where you live?

Do any poor people live in New York City where you live?

by Yeyetunde at October 15, 2022

Question to the Editor,

Hello Yetunde, “I am tired of living in Nigeria, do any poor people live in New York City where you live?”

Dear friends, fans & readers,

I have heard people ask me these questions many times, thinking that just because they live in Nigeria, no poor people live in New York.

But thank God for today. This question was answered by

Jan Soloven on a popular forum as I stumbled upon it. She took it right out of my mouth

And this is what she says.

“Sure. But they typically don’t live well.”

This guy in the picture rented a closet in a friend’s apartment and lived in it.

And another closet apartment in Manhattan which rents for $900/month

You can rent one of these recliners in a dentist’s waiting room in Brooklyn to sleep on for just $788/month, but you have to be out each day before office hours.

Dear friends and fans, just because you live in Nigeria does not mean that Nigeria is the headquarters of a poverty enclave.

In fact, if you go to many advanced countries, you’ll realize that there are more people living in abject poverty even than some of the people you see in Nigeria or other parts of Africa, with no reasonable expectation that their situation will change anytime soon. 

Therefore, wherever you find yourself, work hard, get educated and appreciate all that you’ve accomplished.

Love your family and speak up. You never know, help may be out there for you if only you speak up. 

Poverty is not confined to a particular country or a region of the world. Poverty in itself is a widespread problem around the world.

How you manage to escape it is what makes you a remarkable individual capable of beating the odds of living in it. ~ Yetunde -MBA

It is not the journey, it is not the route, but the end goal that matters most. ~ Yetunde 

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I thank you so much for stopping by. 

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