No justification.

No justification.

by Yeyetunde at September 22, 2022

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On my blogger’s dairy today, here’s a topic I stumbled upon via Wake-Up Africa. Though the topic has continued to generate so much buzz because some people disagree with the author’s conclusions, while others agree with many of them based on research. 


As a result, I am sharing it today in my blogger’s diary to get your perspective.

We lean by what we read and see. What do you think? No matter what! There is no justification for slavery as I have stated in my update. 


According to the author.

  1. ” The Atlantic slave trade started a lot earlier than you think. The Portuguese began trafficking African captives in the 1440s. In England, the Wars of the Roses had yet to begin.


  1. It wasn’t initially a transatlantic trade. In the early days, enslaved Africans were brought to Portugal or to Atlantic islands like Madeira to work in agriculture.


  1. The USA was not a significant destination for slave ships. When we picture slavery, we habitually draw upon images of the American South. In fact, less than five per cent of the victims of transatlantic slavery were landed on the coast of the present-day United States. Most enslaved Africans were carried to the Caribbean (45 per cent) or to Brazil (45 per cent).


  1. The ‘triangular trade’ wasn’t always triangular. We commonly think of the Atlantic slave trade as a three-leg affair. Slavers sailed from European ports carrying manufactured goods. Slavers traded those goods for captives on the African coast. Slavers then sailed to the New World, sold their prisoners, and returned to Europe, completing the triangle. Much of the trade to Brazil, however, was bilateral. Slavers left Rio de Janeiro, headed to Angola, and came straight back to Brazil.



  1. The Atlantic slave trade lasted longer than you imagine. The British abolished their slave trade in 1807; so, did the Americans. The trade continued to flourish, however, down to the 1850s. The last known slave ship, which carried captives to Cuba, sailed in 1866. Preferred to add more barbaric atrocities to the slave trade (facts)


  1. 6. The last country on Earth to officially abolish slavery was an African nation, Mauritania in the 1981. Even today, in 2022, an estimated 10–20% of the population STILL LIVE in actual slavery conditions.


  1. 7. The Eastern slave trade by the Arabs was 2–3 times larger than the transAtlantic trade, with an estimated 20–30 million moved to the Middle East and Asia.


  1. . The Portuguese were middlemen in the slave trade, African nations were the ones who captured and sold the slaves, mainly the losers of wars with the African Kings, a common thing in those days.


  1. 9. Ever wonder why the Arabs and Asians don’t have black population problems like the US does? Because ALL males’ slaves were castrated. Biological genocide…don’t teach you that in the ol’ history books, do they?


  1. 10. The Pirates of the Barbary Coast – Did you know that over 1 MILLION WHITES were enslaved and sent to the Middle East from the 16th thru 19th century, captured from the coasts of France, Spain, Portugal, even England and unbelievably, Iceland had raids by the nefarious Barbary pirates who sold them to the Ottoman empire. That’s NEARLY 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF AFRICANS BROUGHT TO THE USA AS SLAVES, (388,000) “


So barbaric & inhumane: Let me close this off with the Spirit of Love. A Music Produced by Majek Fashek. 

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