Welcome to the chronicles of the rat kingdom.

Welcome to the chronicles of the rat kingdom.

by Yeyetunde at December 30, 2022

Welcome to the blogger’s diary @ Yeyetunde.com.

Have you ever wondered how certain things happen and tried to figure it out? Well, this is one of them as I stumbled upon it today; I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to the chronicles of the rat kingdom. Story according to Aunt Flow.

” Rats are sexually mature at 5 weeks of age. They don’t recognize incest, therefore, mating between siblings is possible. However, people who mate rats should pay attention to their separation during the heat period and keep the brothers and sisters along with mothers and sons at separate sides.

Rats don’t actually have a breeding season and most of the time, their breeding depends on the very hot or cold temperature.

Female rats who are sexually mature come into heat every 4 to 5 days, except when they’re pregnant. However, even at the time, they may come in heat once or twice in their early pregnancy.

The heat often occurs in the evening and lasts during the night. Now, let’s move to the interesting question – how do rats mate?

Well, when the female rat is in heat, her vulva will gape open. Otherwise, she keeps her vagina tightly closed. When she wants to mate, she sends signs such as “dancing” which is quite an interesting view.”


Wow, no wonder there are so many everywhere.

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