Life & its fulfilment

Life & its fulfilment

by Yeyetunde at September 20, 2022

Hello dear friends & fans. Today, I just cannot resist sharing this with you, who knows? You could learn something from it too.

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Story shared by. Courage Ngele on a popular forum

Please, read & learn.


According to him.

If you find yourself in a neighborhood where it seems like you’re the only one doing well… Please MOVE OUT!

If you live in a neighborhood where it appears that the basic thing of life is seen as luxury, please MOVE OUT!

If you live in a neighborhood where people suspect your source of income because you “him too dey on gen, which work him dey do”… please MOVE OUT!

If you live in a neighborhood where they call you all sorts of names because you’re doing well as a young lady… please MOVE OUT!

Go to a neighborhood that appreciates the standard you have set for yourself.

Go live in a neighborhood where people would hardly notice your lifestyle.

Go live in a neighborhood where people are busy improving their lives and making big moves, hence they don’t have time for daily gossip.

Move away from environments where hate, jealousy and joblessness make people notice who bought a new set of shoes and who turns on the generator every day.

Move to a neighborhood that accommodates your standard.

If you build an intimidating mansion in the midst of squalor, you’re setting yourself up to be a prey. You will become an easy target.

Go and live among your kind.

Story Credit ~ Courage Ngele


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