Let’s talk about business.

Let’s talk about business.

by Yeyetunde at October 20, 2023

Another Beautiful Update from Nicholas Boucher today. 

Nicholas Boucher is on social media. He teaches finance and other technical terms in entrepreneur/business-related. 

He is a Guru in his own world. You can learn so much more on his page. 

Here is one of his updates from today. 


What are the differences in their roles?

Knowing what the management does is going to help you in your career.

Let’s discover together what they do:

1. Their Main Leadership Roles
CEO leads the company.
CFO manages finances.
COO oversees the day-to-day operations.

2. On Strategic Vision
CEO drives strategy, growth, and innovation
CFO ensures stability and establishes discipline.
COO implements the strategic initiatives.

3. What Are Their Stakeholder Relations?
CEO represents the company to stakeholders and is the public face.
CFO reports financials to the board and shareholders
COO liaises between different departments to ensure smooth execution.

4. Their impact on Company’s Values & Benchmarks
CEO sets corporate values.
CFO sets financial benchmarks.
COO ensures operational processes align with these values.

5. Their Role in the Market Strategy
CEO drives global expansion.
CFO optimizes existing markets.
COO manages operational aspects of market penetration.

6. What is their Client Focus?
CEO focuses on client acquisition.
CFO focuses on client retention.
COO enhances service delivery to facilitate both

7. Their Involvement with Risk Management
CEO sets the company’s risk appetite,
CFO manages risk, and COO mitigates operational risks.

8. Their Relation to the Brand
CEO develops the brand.
CFO tracks the performance.
COO optimizes operational efficiency to uphold the brand promise.

9. Their Role on Investments
CEO determines investment strategy.
CFO manages investment portfolios.
COO allocates resources to meet strategic objectives.

10. Their Involvement in the Product Lifecycle
CEO drives product development
CFO monitors product profitability
COO coordinates product manufacturing and delivery

Credit: Nicholas Boucher


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