In the wake of Brittany Griner’s release, fans are still concerned. But why?

In the wake of Brittany Griner’s release, fans are still concerned. But why?

by Yeyetunde at December 9, 2022

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While scrolling on my social media page today, I noticed that there were some misconceptions within the Nigerian community as to why the president of the United States, Joe Biden, would release Brittany G, over many other prisoners in the Russian Federation Prisons.

Some even suggested that it may have been done on purpose to reinforce that being lesbian or gay in America is much more important to have your voice heard or that somehow being gay, or lesbian allows one to have more political power or leverage than every other member of the American society.

And below here is one of my responses to some of my Nigerian fellows on social media today concerning this very issue on the release of Brittany G over whether she was released for being a lesbian/gay or not, as the topic continues to trend.

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My response.  

Why is it that some of us the Nigerian people are always in cahoots with Fox News and Donald Trump to speculate on topics we haven’t even researched?

In the act of negotiations, there are conditions that need to be met. And 90% of the time intelligent negotiators will opt for deals that can be accomplished very quickly over complicated ones. 

Meaning, here, the release of Brittany G was not based on whether she is a lesbian or not.

Instead, it may have been based on a deal that could be easily achieved by the Negotiators in charge based on the terms and conditions of agreement that were imposed, where for example, the U.S. ONLY NEEDS to swap JUST ONE Russian prisoner in exchange for their own.

Some U.S. prisoners in Russia may be too complicated to release based on terms, where for example, the Russian Federation may be asking to swap only ONE U.S. prisoner in exchange for 15 Russian prisoners in the U.S. prisons /jails FOR EXAMPLE to have more leverage.

So here, if the U.S. negotiators see such a ridiculous bargain, they will not budge, knowing that if they do, they have just set a new standard for other countries to follow and may be used in future to manipulate them in exchange for prisoners’ release.

As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, this is not how the act of negotiation ought to work.

And against what many people may have been speculating on social media and especially within the Nigerian community, Brittany G was not released because she was gay, but purely on the act of negotiation that works. This is because, again, in the act of negotiation, the deal had to be reasonable, justifiable, and fair.

As you can see, not everything we see on Fox news or Donald Trump’s page should be taken seriously.

These are the new propagandists of our time, and it is the reason they have contributed to why the Republican party are losing elections over elections as more and more people are coming to realization as to how this media outlet at FOX News has been using themselves to propagate lies alongside Donald Trump to spread misinformation, unnecessary anger, fake outrage and basically outright lies to continue to misinform the members of the public for their own ratings in clicks and bait.

Don’t fall for it.  

On the release of Brittany G, it all depends on the act of negotiation that works. Meaning, to get a deal that is easily attainable, sensible and easier to accomplish than rugged ones.

In the world of politics and ability to get things done, it is what it is. 


Oh, finally! Between me and you.

One thing first. Yetunde is grateful for her friends and fans, and Yetunde is grateful for humble beginnings. Her humble beginnings have always motivated her to write about the way she sees things based on her capacity to write and have a voice.

Yetunde is also a student of politics at New York University. She has also learned many acts of negotiation in various of her classes in business school at the Tobin school of business at St John’s University where she graduated with a double concentration as an MBA.

She is a Lagosian and a Nigerian and lives in New York City.

You can reach Yetunde at OR at

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