Wow! Whose parents is this?

Wow! Whose parents is this?

by Yeyetunde at September 22, 2022

Nothing we no go see. As far as I am concerned. Love does not hurt.

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On my blogger’s dairy today, here is my advice for you.

Dear friends,

Don’t get yourself trapped in a relationship that doesn’t produce a peaceful atmosphere and longevity.

It is even more distressing when both of you have lost all respect for one another.

As I said in the post, love does not hurt & it doesn’t have to be like this either. 

When you are dating him or her. Make sure one thing is constant, and that is RESPECT because RESPECT for one another trumps everything.

In fact, Observation has shown that women and men who RESPECT one another from the start keep that respect going because character hardly change.

As an example, if you are planning to marry someone, ensure that they can contribute something to the equation of marriage. Because a man or woman who respects you will not think that only one person should be the center of all responsibilities. And if they know that, they will never have to cheat or lie while in marriage because Respect is reciprocal.


Question: What do you make of this video making rounds on social media?

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