A Nigerian mom killed by her white neighbor is buried.

A Nigerian mom killed by her white neighbor is buried.

by Yeyetunde at June 14, 2023

A Nigerian mom who was killed by her white neighbour has been buried. She was killed a few days ago after confronting her white neighbor who was spewing racial slurs towards her children.

Ajike Owens upon trying to defend her children was immediately gunned down in front of her nine-year-old kid.

An eyewitness account described the scene as horrific. And according to ABC news.

Before the confrontation, Lorincz, the white neighbour, had been yelling racial slurs at the children, according to a statement from Crump.

The area is known for its thoroughbred horse farms, which surround the working-class neighborhood.

Lorincz told investigators that she acted in self-defense, and that Owens, 35, had been trying to break down her door before she fired the gun, the sheriff said.

She also told them that Owens had come after her in the past, and had previously attacked her.

Sheriff Woods said the investigation, which included eyewitness statements, established that Lorincz’s actions were not justifiable under Florida law.

Earlier the sheriff had said that because of the stand your ground law he couldn’t make an arrest unless he could prove the shooter did not act in self-defense.

According to the sheriff’s account, Owens was shot moments after going to Lorincz’s apartment because she had yelled at Owens’ children as they played outside. He said Lorincz had thrown a pair of skates that hit one of the children.

The sheriff’s office hasn’t confirmed there were slurs uttered or said whether race was a factor in the shooting.

Owens’ mother, Pamela Dias, said Wednesday that her two young grandsons, ages 12 and 9, are dealing with feelings of guilt — because they were with their mom outside Lorincz’s house that evening, and saw her get shot.

“Our 12-year-old blames himself for the death of his mother because he couldn’t save her. He couldn’t give her CPR,” Dias said.

Hours before Tuesday’s arrest, some three dozen protesters, most of them Black, gathered outside the Marion County Judicial Center, demanding the shooter’s arrest.

The chief prosecutor, State Attorney William Gladson, met with them and urged patience while the investigation continued.

See the video and photos of Abike Owen’s burial below. May her soul rest in peace.





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