This is freedom

This is freedom

by Yeyetunde at August 12, 2022

Today’s Inspiration.

Let’s get to reality 101.

For the fact that you can do many things without the aid or physical needs of another person is freedom

That you can walk around in your own home, go to your kitchen, bathroom, or open your own fridge is also a freedom of its own, knowing that thousands are somewhere today on lockdown who cannot do the same because their freedom has been taken away.

Having said that, now, we must not pretend that freedom is just a freedom by itself without love, money or every other material need one is expected to have.

Therefore, if you find yourself with some level of freedom that a human being is expected to have but are lacking basic needs or struggling through life to make ends meet or even going through hard times.

Know this today, that you are alone.

Please say it to yourself: The storm is over. 

You just have to say it and believe it as if you truly mean it.

What I have discovered about life is that 90% of the time, what your mouth says is what ends up happening to you.

In fact, in most cases, there’s really no miracle anywhere because you are created to be the genesis of your own miracle by the process of your thoughts.

THE STROM IS OVER. You just have to say it & believe it. 

Song -R Kelly

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