No way! Do some parents actually do this to their own kids?

No way! Do some parents actually do this to their own kids?

by Yeyetunde at August 28, 2022

Oh My! Well, I came across this sort of bizarre story on a particular page today, so I am sharing it on my blogger’s dairy today

Please, read it yourself and tell me what you think. I am still laughing out loud in tears.

The story of Russell Frederick, a sadistic hairdresser

It all started when, a year ago, Fredrick’s 12-year-old son refused to do his homework and misbehaved at school. To embarrass his son and teach him a lesson, Fredrick cut his hair and gave him a hairstyle called “Benjamin Button.”

“After I shaved him, I told him that if he continued, I would be more creative with each cut, but it wasn’t necessary because he immediately thought hard about whether to do it again,” Fredrick said.

Fredrick now offers the bad cuts to all parents who want a cut for their children.

“Whenever people come and ask, we do it,” he said.

Fredrick’s haircuts have started a trend.

Parents are publicly shaming their children by shaving their hair, filming the footage, and then uploading it to YouTube in hopes that it will go viral.

Wow! Seriously.

Does corporal punishment even work?


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