Add EBT SNAP card

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find out more about qualifying for SNAP benefits on the SNAP page of the USDA's website. Check with your local SNAP office for information on how benefits may differ state by state.
    At We can only speak for our policy. All EBT payment applies to food items purchased in the West African Mart FOOD Category Only.
    Yes, you must create an account or be signed in to your existing account to use SNAP EBT payments.
    To place an order, you will also need an alternative payment method such as a credit/debit card or checking account to cover any grocery items or charges not eligible or covered by SNAP funds, including delivery fees and driver tip.
    First, add your SNAP EBT Account, including your EBT card number, to your account profile under Payment Information.

    After shopping for grocery items, go to your cart and select “Checkout.” Then look for the SNAP checkbox on the order summary screen. Make sure you have entered any promo codes before selecting “Apply SNAP benefits.”

    Then you can review the SNAP-eligible items and subtotal from your cart and enter an amount to charge to your SNAP account. Enter your PIN to complete the SNAP transaction and immediately deduct the funds from your SNAP account.

    To finish checking out, select “Place Order.” You may continue to edit your order up until your order cutoff time (typically a few hours before delivery), but you can only apply SNAP funds once per order.

    Once your order is finalized, we will apply the SNAP funds to as many eligible items in your cart as possible. We will never charge your EBT card for more than the amount you entered.

    If your final SNAP subtotal is less than the amount you designated, we will issue a refund to your SNAP account. For any balance remaining on your order, including delivery fees and driver tip, we’ll charge the payment method you selected from the order summary screen at checkout.
    Check out the USDA's list of eligible food items. Please note that pickup/delivery fees and driver tip are not eligible for SNAP.
    No. If you have a SNAP EBT card on file in your account, you do not need to meet the order minimum for pickup or delivery as long as you apply SNAP funds to your order.
    However, orders using promo codes will need to meet the minimum required value specified by the promo offer to qualify for the discount. Additionally, GO Pass orders will need to meet the order minimum to qualify for free pickup/delivery.
    For any balance remaining on your order after you apply SNAP funds, including delivery/pickup fees and driver tip, we’ll charge your preferred credit/debit card or checking account. You can select your preferred payment method from the order summary screen.
    Please note that your estimated total at checkout is subject to change due to actual weights and availability. We promise to only charge the true, final cost of your order and refund any differences to your SNAP account or payment method. See your final order invoice for details.
    Visit your account to update your payment methods and preferences.
    Yes! Please make sure to apply all coupons and promo codes before attempting to use SNAP benefits with your order. Standard terms and conditions apply.
    Food And Consumable Items are ineligible for return due to consumer safety.
    No, unfortunately we do not accept WIC for online pickup/delivery orders at this time. You may use your WIC benefits on eligible items when shopping in-store.
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